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YouTube Workshop

YouTube Workshop am 27.1 und 28.1. 2015.

YouTube als Direct-To-Fan Tool
Optimierung & Monetariserung

YouTube NOT Going To Remove Music Videos

Against opinions published in several online articles, YouTube is NOT going to remove music videos.

YouTube is planning to start a subscription based music service negotiating with all rightsholders at the moment. While deals with major records companies seem to be settled, a number of independent labels associations are still negotiating. In the meantime, journalists interpreted misleading vocabulary by YouTube press spokesmen as YouTube going to remove Videos by Independent Labels who are not willing to sign the subscription contract immediately.

Spotify teaming up in Austria with Drei Hutchison

On June 6th, 2014, Spotify announced an exclusive partnership in Austria with Drei Hutchison.

This is good news for streaming oriented labels, as Spotify now will enter the Austrian market in a larger dimension.




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